The Story Of Who's Trying To Kill Me:

This is a sort of multi-media journal. A place for me to talk about all the things no one else I know cares about. And to upload my art to. Read if you like, comment if you're feeling frisky; I always appreciate the attention.

Ask me no questions and I will tell you no lies. Okay, that was a lie.  

My second Etsy shop item!

This is a 9in. x 12in. photo print of the best of my eight woodblock dragons, created using the western style of reduction woodcut printing, but with Japanese Ukio-e influence. It is a five color print, layered from yellow to purple, carved one color at a time into the same block of wood, and then overprinted with the next color. I did use the traditional v and u gouge chisels for some of the work, but the majority was done with an X-acto knife. My colors are rich oil inks hand mixed to complement each other, and convey the fire-y landscape of the dragon’s destruction. I spent several months working on this one, and it was a labor of love for sure. I’m not ready to sell any of the original proofs yet, I’m too attached. This fine photo print is the next best thing though! I will be offering a larger size print soon!

I’m only charging $10 a piece for these photo reproductions of my woodcut print because I badly need help getting the power turned back on for some people I care about very much, and if I don’t sell anything I’m going to be selling plasma twice a week for I don’t know how long.  So if you like my art, and you want a piece to take home, buy one please!  :)


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